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110 2nd Ave West
Cochrane, AB T4C 1B6
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Rent My Home Property Management Inc.

If you answer "no" to any of these questions, contact Rent My Home Property Management - 403-807-6124 - rentmyhomepm@gmail.com and we will answer all your questions. 

Do you want to spend your time worrying about your property? Rents and tenants? maintenance? 

     Our exclusive focus on property management allows you peace of mind, and the freedom to spend your time doing the things that are more important to you.  We don't moonlight selling homes, or other aspects of real estate. So we are standing by at all times to find great tenants, deal with emergencies, maintain the value of your property, and help you achieve your goals for it. 

Do you know exactly how to screen tenants, and are you able to do credit checks in minutes?

     We quickly determine the suitability of prospective tenants through our experience, rigorous screening process involving landlord and tenant references and credit checks. The latter is an important tool that is difficult for the public to access.

Do you know all the legalities, responsibilities and nuances of the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA), the Personal Information Protection Act, and relevant health and safety codes?

        We keep abreast of all relevant legislation. This helps keep the leases clean, the rent flowing, the tenants happy, and all of us out of court.

Do you know how to get maximum rent when advertising a property, and do you know exactly what amount the market will pay for yours? 

     We have almost 120 units, from one-bedroom apartments to acreages, we know the value of each, in each neighborhood. We are able to advertise, and get, maximum rent. We know which attributes will garner extra rent for the owner.

Do you know how to garner continuous rent if a tenant is breaking their lease?

     Keith Rowe has created an exclusive program in which he works with the outgoing tenant, finds a new one, and keeps the rent paid during the changeover. His plan has always garnered continuous rent for the owner.

Do you know how to obtain rent in the face of adversity, or unexpected situations?

     We are very good at working with tenants to keep them housed, and keep the rent flowing for owners. We collected 100% of rents due during all of the 2020 pandemic, and had no covid related evictions.

Do you have a proven track record of managing many different properties, over a period of years, successfully? 

     We manage roughly 115 properties at time of writing, as well as 38 units for the Cochrane Society for Housing Options. In 2019 our vacancy was 0.53%. In 2020 our vacancy was 0.25%. We manage properties from single bedroom apartments up to acreages. 

Do you know how to respond if the tenant fails to pay rent?

     We are compassionate but firm. We work with tenants to maintain our goal of procuring all the rents for clients and keep tenants housed. In almost every case we obtain the full rent. We only evict as a last resort, once or twice per year.

Do you know how to evict if required?

   Due to our extensive screening we almost never have to evict a tenant; but if required we can do so quickly and cleanly, bringing in our legal councel to speed up the process if required.

Do you know what to do if a furnace/hot water heater goes out in winter, or an appliance goes down. 

     We have a number of 'secret weapons,' for appliances and maintenance issues. If a furnace goes down in the middle of winter, we know how to get it going at no cost to the owner. If a fridge stops working, we send over our temporary fridges to stop the situation from becoming an emergency. Our experience and systems keep small problems from becoming big ones. 

Do you get builder pricing on appliances and special deals with contractors for maintenance?

     If an appliance needs replacing, we get builder pricing and preferential treatment from our supplier. Our plumber, boiler tech, HVAC supplier, and our repair person all give us preferencial treatment. They have all done emergency jobs for us in the past, on weekends, with no emergency call out fees. This can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Do you know how security deposits are to be deposited, stored, and paid out after the tenant leaves? 

     The rules surrounding security deposits are hard to understand, and very stringent. We know how to handle them to protect your investment and, if necessary, withhold all or a portion of the security deposit without losing it later in a court action.

Are you able deal with issues or emergencies in an efficient and cost effective manner, any time of the day, or when you're out of town?

    We are standing by at all times to find great tenants, collect the rents, and maintain the property, so you can enjoy time with your family, or go on holidays. Our constant presence keeps cashflows up, maintains the value of your investment, and helps you achieve your goals for your property.